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How to get started with machine learning? (Beginner to advanced journey)

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Before jumping to the main topic I want to share one secret, which will lead you towards a successful machine learning engineer for sure and that is DEDICATION.

As you have clicked this link, I can assure you that you have dedication.

So, let us jump to the topic.

How I started?

Just like everyone MACHINE LEARNING, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, DEEP LEARNING, seems to be very cool, futuristic, unreal, IRON MAN type of thing, and it draws my attention towards this field. But I don't know where to start.

I have read many articles, blogs, watched many youtube tutorials but I was not satisfied. But at the same time, I don't want to lose my dedication and Interest so, I googled "programming language needed for machine learning".

And BOOM!!!

Here I got my first answer which is the PYTHON language.

I found HACKER RANK is the best website for practice. No need to worry, click on the name you will find yourself on that page. I continued for weeks and got some more materials. Those are given below.

Study materials for MACHINE LEARNING.

Download COURSERA app and join these two courses:

  • Machine learning with python by IBM

  • Applied machine learning in python by UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN

Now the book

  • Hands-on machine learning with Scikit-learn, Keras, by AURELIEN GERON.

Youtube links

  1. Edureka

  2. Simplilearn

  3. Code with Harry

If you have covered all the steps mentioned above then its time to jump to the real-life end to end projects...

projects for beginner

  • disease prediction

  • stock prediction

  • movie recommendation system

and many more!!!!

You will face problems during projects. So, I will suggest you solve solved problems.

Whenever you will face issues during the project making simply copy the problem and paste it into google, I bet you will find the answer.

So, what are you waiting for? grab a cup of coffee, arrange your study table, and start your first machine learning code.

Hope your journey will be memorable!!

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