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Machine Learning Engineer Salary | Skills needed for machine learning engineer.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

We all know Machine learning is one of the trending topics in today's world right!!

  • Do you wanna be Machine Learning Engineer?

  • Do you need a high paying job?

  • Do you need all the information related to Machine Learning like salary, job roles, how to start, resume building?


I know you are very excited to know the salary amount. But before going further, I want to focus on the basic requirements you need to start your career as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Machine Learning Engineer Resume

Skills you need to build for your resume are:

Technical skills

  • Programming language (Python/ Java/ R/ C++)

  • Calculus and Statistics

  • Signal Processing

  • Applied Maths

  • Neural Networks

  • Language Processing

  • Internship Experience

Non-Technical skills

  • Industry Knowledge

  • Effective Communication

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Always Updated

Professional Experience

  • Computer Science

  • Statistics

  • Data Analysis

  • Machine Learning

Educational Qualification

Bachelor's or Master's

  • Computer Science/ IT

  • Economics

  • Statistics

  • Mathematics

Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India

  • 2019- 7,19,646 INR (Annually)

  • 2020- 9,50,000 INR (Annually)

I know now most of you will leave this site because you have got an answer to your required question right!!

But I wanna suggest you one more thing, which is very beneficial for you and it will help you set your path towards this career.

Machine Learning Engineer job roles or (Description)

Depending on your level of expertise or experience:-

  • Study and transform Data science prototypes

  • Design Machine Learning systems

  • Research an Implement appropriate ML algorithms and tools

  • Develop Machine Learning Applications according to requirements

  • Select appropriate Datasets and Data Representation methods

  • Run Machine Learning Tests and Experiments

  • Perform Statistical Analysis and fine-tuning using Test results

  • Train and Retrain Systems when necessary

Machine Learning job offering company

machine learning engineer job offering company

machine learning job offering company

These openings are based on the date of 26th May 2020

for more info click me

Hope you have enjoyed this


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