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How to start with coding ?? | solution with proper experience.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Tips for start with coding

Congrats !! you have landed on the right page. Here you will get a solution with experience.

After reading this I bet you will find your self more confident.

Most people have a fear of coding. They think they are not capable of this or they need high-level knowledge of mathematics and science or else they need a science background.

I just wanna say a big NO!!!!! to all of them.

The only thing you need is the intention to start. And the rest are mentioned below.

How to start with coding ?. Top 15 steps

  1. Finding out the need Why you need to code?

  2. Visualize your goals

  3. Choose appropriate programming language for your goal or you can start with (C, C++, PYTHON) to clear basics. [these are languages are preferred by most of the people to start with]

  4. Learn basics

  5. Search easy and solved Problems related to those basics you have learned.

  6. Start writing your first code

  7. You will get errors, no need to worry. Copy that error and paste to google search engine

  8. Take your required solution

  9. Apply it your code

  10. If you again get an error, repeat step 7,8,9 until you get your output

  11. Still, you are having a problem!!. Remember in step 5 I have told to search for solved problems. So, see the code and rectify yours

  12. Keep coding every day at least for 2 hours

  13. when you feel confident try unsolved problems

  14. Never stop this practice if you wanna make a career in this field


Youtube channels for coding guide

Channels are provided on the basis of step 3.

Similar terms confuse new programmers

Terms that to clear


Parameter- Parameter is variable in a function defined.

Argument- Argument is the data you pass into the parameter when the function is called.

function learn(parameter){
//your code..


Class- A class is a template for creating various objects.

Object- An object is an instance of a class with its own value.

class Dog(name,age){
   this.name= name;
   this.age= age;
object= Dog("Max", 3);


Statement- Statement is a complete line of code that performs some action.

Expression- An expression is any section of code that evaluates to a value.

print(7 + 2); //it is a statement
7 + 2  // it is a expression

There are many such terms. But these are very common for beginners.

some important terms with an explanation.

Explanation of terms for newbie

Term :

Given a non-empty array...

Explanation :

non-empty array means that the array has at least one element.

Term :

Given a non-empty string...

Explanation :

non-empty string means that the string has at least one character.

Term :

Given an array with n > 2...

Explanation :

n > 2 means that array has at least 2 elements.

Term :

Given a string with n > 2...

Explanation :

n > 2 means that string has at least 2 characters.

Term :

Given a binary array...

Explanation :

A binary array is an array of 0s and 1s only.

Term :

Given a matrix of size n * m...

Explanation :

It is a 2d array that has n arrays of length m.

There are many terms, but these terms are for beginners only.

If you follow all the steps and terms mentioned above. Then I can assure you that you can start your very own beginner level project after one month.

Thank you.

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